Friday, June 1, 2018

Sugu calls for an immediate amendment of the law

A Member of Parliament for Mbeya urban Joseph Mbilinyi (Chadema) alias ‘Sugu’ has called on an immediate review of the law which gives powers to rulers to continue oppressing the power of democracy in the country. The legislator who had just received a presidential amnesty is now free on the streets from a five month imprisonment term after having been convicted by the Mbeya Resident Magistrate’s Court in February this year. This was after court found him guilty of uttering abusing language against President Dr. John Magufuli at a public rally to the head of State. 

Sugu who seemed to be dissatisfied by the judgment imposed on him said in parliament today that, it is high time now for the government to go through such draconian laws of expression which seem to kill democracy in the country. The Mbeya urban legislator was airing a supplementary question which was preceded by the one raised by Ubungo legislator Saed Kubenea (Chadema) who wanted to know why the government should not review the Communication Act whose implications has badly caused users of electronic devices in the country. Responding to this question, the deputy minister for Works, Transport and Communications Elias Kwandikwa said that since the law came into effect, electronic criminals have reduced by almost 50 percent within one year’s time from 9,841 to 4,828. The deputy minister who seemed to defend the law noted that, it has helped curb the widespread misuse of the electronic devices in the country.

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