Friday, June 15, 2018

Call for government to intervene after withdrawal of donors


A Member of Parliament (MP) for Rombo constituency on Chadema ticket Joseph Selasini has called on the government to help people with disability in his constituency through their established fund after the withdrawal of donors whose contribution helped boost their welfare. The legislator voiced his concern this week in Parliament during question and answer session when he made a point as a way of clarifying how people with disability are faced with myriad of challenges in his constituency after the donors withdrew from supporting their fund. 

Joseph Selasini 

The legislator directed his query to the office of the Prime Minister’s office which is responsible for the people with disability and had requested the minister to go to his constituency to see for herself how people with disability suffers than before. Responding to her query, the deputy minister of State in Prime Minister’s office who is responsible for the people with disability Stella Ikufa who is also a disabled person has assured the legislator that she will set time to visit the constituency with a view to solve problems facing fellow disabled persons. Earlier the special seat Amina Mollel had asked a question with a view to know about the disabled fund and plans by the government to contribute its subsidies to the fund in support of the people with disability in the country. Responding to this question, the deputy minister noted that the government is currently in the process of nominating leaders who would stand for these funds and after which they in turn will mobilize their internal operations including issues related with contributions.

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