Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Law makers complains about Ministers’ mobile phones that are unreachable

A Member of Parliament representing House of Representative in Zanzibar, Japu Hashim Ayoub (CCM) has raised his grave concern over failure of some ministers in the country whom he described to be notorious of not receiving a phone call, or switch them off and rendered them unreachable whenever are in urgent need for specific reasons. Ayoub broke the news yesterday in Parliament during question and answer session and demanded for the clarification from the Speaker of the National Assembly Job Ndugai why it is so, and noted that this is the denial of the right of someone to get information.

Responding to this query, the speaker asked the Minister of State who is responsible for good Governance retired captain
George Mkuchika who denounced such claims and noted that were baseless for they do not have enough evidences. “There is no law or reasons compelled to a Minister of leaving his mobile phone on the air or switching off his or her mobile handset and this depends on owners’ discretion”, he s aid. However, he added that for those desperate customers should they send their comments or opinions in suggestion boxes for clarification”, the minister said. However, the minister further clarified that , whoever is in need of the minister should go straight to his office and make an appointment to solve whatever problem he might be having at such a particular time if he has failed to contact him through his mobile phone.

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