Sunday, June 17, 2018

Chadema legislator urge the government to maintain local museums

A Member of Parliament for Rombo Constituency Joseph Selesini (Chadema) has advised the government to think of constructing local museums in every districts in the country so as to educate people on tourism matters as well issues related with local culture. The legislator was asking a supplementary question last week in parliament whereby he said that the national inheritance such as local dances, traditional foods and national Kiswahili language are on the verge of extinction. In view of this, the legislator is of the view of the fact that, the government should look at this matter in broader perspective and come up with the idea of building small museums whereby all these traditional artifacts would be observed and visited by local and foreign tourists. Responding tio the question, the deputy minister for tourism and natural resources Japhet Hasunga said that, the government has decided to announce all tourist centers in the country. He said the government has selected the September month of the calendar to remain a special month for the celebrations of the country’s inheritances whereby there will be various sensitization activities to be done in honour of the day. He further noted that the government will establish special studios to be used for advertising local tourist destination centres which will be found in regions such as Iringa, Mbeya, Kilimanjaro, Mtwara and some other places. He cited Iringa as an example and explained that, it has most attractive tourist things such as the Kalenga museum, Ruaha national park, Isimila Stone age and Mkwawa history. He also noted that the government is planning to make the region become the most tourist hub in southern highland regions. He noted that the Tourist Board in the country in collaboration with the tourism ministry has put a strategy to advertise most available tourist attractions in the country for various global competitions. He explained a little bit concerning with Mbeya region and said that it has many tourist attractions and that it is the prime responsibility of the ministry to advertise the region for the benefit of the people. Concerning with a wonderful tree which is located in Mbokomu in Moshi rural, the deputy minister Hasunga said that, he has not yet come familiar with the tree and that he has planned to go and see it as it might become one of the most tourist attraction to the people from within and outside Tanzania.

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