Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Water committee formed to deliberate project activities in the country

The Minister for Water and Irrigation Isack Kamwelwe has said that, the government has formed a committee that will help look for the contractors to run all water projects intended to be done during the 2018/19 financial year. He said, already the government has signed a deal with the Republic of India whereby the latter will give a grant of Tshs. 500 million to help finish all water projects in the country. In view of this, Minister Kamwelwe has kindly asked the weary legislators from various constituencies in the country to keep on waiting as the government is currently strategizing its basic efforts in order to ensure the intended water projects are successful.

Isack Kamwelwe

He said in the Parliament when responding various queries which were raised by different legislators to water ministry during question and answer session as each legislator was eager to know plans by the government to complete its water projects slated in various places in the country. Earlier the special seat from the newly formed region of Njombe Neema William Mgaya (CCM) wanted to know the strategies put by the government in a move to end water woes in the region. Responding to the question, the deputy minister for water and irrigation Jumaa Aweso assured the legislator that, the government has already disbursed Tshs. 1.1 billion to accomplish some water projects in its ongoing projects in the region. He noted that at Njombe town alone, the water project development has reached up to 90 percent of their completion, while at the same time the government has allocated Tshs. 13.5 million from the amount issued by Indian government to help facilitate various water projects in the region.

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