Friday, June 29, 2018

Govt embarks on rampage killings of troublesome baboons

The government has confirmed today in parliament that, it had killed about 100 baboons that had been seen to be causing unnecessary inconveniences which ended up in massive losses to the people in Bukoba rural district. The deputy minister for Tourism and Natural Resources said when responding to the question raised by a special seat Alfredina Kahigi (CUF). The legislator wanted to know steps taken by the government of preventing wild animals such as baboons who have been reportedly to have been invading people’s settlements causing harassment and loss of people’s properties in Bukoba rural. 

Responding to the question, the deputy minister said that the government was aware of such incidences in over 80 districts in the country and mentioned other troublesome wild animals such as elephants and monkeys. Elaborating more, trhe deputy minister said that elephants have the habit of invading farms whereas crocodiles and monkeys cause grievous bodly harm to people whom they come across in areas such as Kemondo, Bujogo, Kizi, Katoma, Katangaraza and Kishonmgo. He said the ministry has been carrying out regular patrol in search of these animals in collaboration with game soldiers and through this operation, about 103 monkeys had been killed in different seven areas although he admitted the fact that his ministry has short of game warders but have tried to strengthened security to curb their influence.

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