Sunday, June 17, 2018

Govt stops to establish new administrative areas

The parliament has been informed that the government has stopped establishing new administrative areas this time around and instead the government is developing old areas which it had acquired before to conduct its businesses. The report has been issued by the deputy minister of State in President’s office responsible for local government and regional administration George Kakunda when he was responding to the question earlier raised by Namtumbo legislator Edwin Ngonyani (CCM) last week in parliament. The legislator wanted to know when the government will fulfill its promises of announcing a new region of Selous so as people in the area should get social services closer. Responding to the question, the deputy minister said that when he visited the Namtumbo constituency in July 2013, the retired Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda met with elders of the area and promised to set a region which would be given the name of the Selous game park. The minister noted that, the retired premier did not promise them a new region except that this issue was discussed in their regular meetings whereby attendants had unanimously agreed that there should have a region with Tunduru south district and Tunduru itself, and others like Namtumbo and Sasawala. The minister noted that, the government had looked at their requests and realized that there was a basic need and had realized also that the challenge is in other regions as well.  He told parliamentarians that the government had stopped establishing news areas of its administration as directed by His Excellency President John Magufuli. He said the government will teem up its efforts to promote newly established areas so as to make them more productive. The Mpanda legislator Moshi Kakoso (CCM)said that, in his constituency of Mpanda rural is so large and that has asked the government to apportion the area. The deputy minister noted that, the government knows clearly the existing of such big areas, but has asked the legislator to follow the right channels organized by the committee meetings and send their recommendations to the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

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