Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Experts to resolve controversial district boundaries in the country

The government has formed a team of land expert that would move around countrywide to countercheck the correctness of the administrative boundaries currently in crisis among the district council authorities. The aim of the government is to end long standing land crisis problems over the administrative boundaries which have been emanating in various district councils whereby there have been numerous claims. The deputy minister for Lands, Housing and Human settlement development Angelline Mabula said on Monday this week in parliament during question and answer session that wherever there will be found to have such controversies, both sides would be required to sit on the table to resolve amicably. The deputy minister was contributing to the point earlier raised by Liwale legislator Zuberi Mohammed Kuchauka (CUF) who wanted to know how the government has resolved the long standing land crisis between the Liwale and Kilwa district councils which has caused a mutual of misunderstanding between the two administrative areas. In responding to this question, the deputy minister of State in President’s office for local government and regional administrative George Kakunda said that, since the reinstatement of the district council’s administrative systems in the country in 1983, the two district councils have been facing the problem of the administrative units in their respective jurisdiction. However, he told law makers representing the two districts in parliament that the government is looking at the possibility of resolving the matter at the national level.

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