Sunday, June 17, 2018

Home affairs ministry ordered to verify the activities of NGOs

The Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has issued directives to executives in the ministry of Home Affairs to verify thoroughly the particulars of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with a view to ascertain if their activities conform to the purpose for which they were registered. The premier said last week in parliament during an impromptu question and answer session directed to him that, the security agents under the ministry should also monitor their activities as there is a wave of cheating amongst some NGOs which is growing at an alarming rate in various parts in the country. The PM said when making a point of clarification and cited an example of what recently happened in Lingido district at a place called Loliondo. The PM noted that about 39 registered NGO had flouted rules of their operations and ventured their businesses in other matters which ultimately caused a mutual of misunderstanding with the local people in the area. The PM made a point when responding to the question earlier directed to him by Longido legislator Steven Kiluswa (CCM) who wanted to know what steps has the government taken against NGOs which have flouted rules of legal operations when providing services to the people in the country. The PM noted that, about three NGOs which he didn’t mention their names from the area have been suspended from operating in the areas and that the government has teemed up efforts in looking out for others to ensure that peace restoration in local communities prevails. He said the ministry of home affairs will work closely with the related stakeholders in order to ensure that are succeeding to ward off the existing disparities between the troublesome NGOs and people whom they serve in the country.

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