Friday, June 29, 2018

TARURA operates with less money to cater for rural needs, says minister

The government has admitted the fact that, most dilapidated roads in rural areas takes long time to be repaired due primarily to less money which has been invested in the recently established Tanzania Rural Roads Agency (TARURA) an aspect that makes it impossible to execute duties within set timeframe. The government established the agency purposely to help speed up rural road construction activities in collaboration with district council’s authorities countrywide whereby 90 percent of its work execution is targeted to road repair while 10 percent is for the construction of new roads. The deputy minister of State in President’s office George Kakunda said in parliament today that, from the 90 percent of the workload in road repair works which are intended to be done by the agency, only 57 percent is accomplished. The minister was responding to the question which was earlier raised by Mbulu urban legislator Zacharia Paulo Isaay (CCM) who wanted to know why the rural road agency is slacking in executing its duties as intended an aspect that most roads remains unattended for longer. 

Andrew Chenge

The legislator raised a complaint and cited a 40 km stretch of a road in his constituency which is not yet repaired for long time even before the starting of long rains, leave alone by now whereby it is in bad shape after the rains. In responding to this query, the Chairman of the National Assembly Andrew Chenge directed the question to the deputy minister for Works, Transport and Communication Elias Kwandikwa who said that about Tshs. 814 m/- has been set aside for the road which will be repaired soon. The minister also noted that, the government had undertaken the task of valuing the damages caused by the recent rains and that is another aspect that an effective work has not yet been taken to repair roads in the country. He answered a supplementary question which was raised by Mbulu rural legislator Fratay Gregory Massey (CCM ) who wanted to know steps taken so far by the government of valuing  the damaged roads in rural areas which needs urgent attention. In addition to this question, another supplementary question was raised by Mpwapwa legislator Malima Lubeleje (CCM) who wanted to know plans by the government of increasing the budget fund allocated for the TARURA agency so that it effectively works as required. The minister noted that, the reports of the damaged road infrastructures would be released tomorrow by the Tanzania Roads Agency (TANROADS) whereas plans by the government to increase the budget fund for the rural road agency will be considered as in accordance with the availability of fund.

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