Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A legislator asks the government to wait for people to harvest their crops

The Kasulu legislator Daniel Nsanzungwako (CCM) has kindly asked the government to stop apllyinmg forceful eviction to the people of Kagera Nkondo in Kasulu district and give them enough time to remove their farm harvests on the land earlier earmarked to be within the national game reserve. The legislator aired out his views in the parliament when contributing a point when he raised a supplementary question which was directed to the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources during question and answer session. The legislator seemed to be defending people in the area who had deliberately crossed the demarcation beacons and ventured into the restricted game reserve area and cultivated on orders of the President John Magufuli  who toured the area during his campaigns. The President found there was a land crisis between people from the local communities close to the reserve area and the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources and ordered the local people to continue with their activities as the government would be looking for the lasting solution over their matter. But since that time, no any government official from the ministry who had ever come and put the beacons to separate the demarcations and people used the opportunity to continue practicing agricultural activities in the land owned by the tourism ministry.  The special seat legislator Josephine Ndisembuke (CCM) raised a question in the Parliament earlier today as she wanted to know why the government has taken stern action of evicting the people in the area and yet Mr. President had allowed them to continue practicing agricultural activities. The deputy minister Asunga reassured Members of Parliament (MP) that, the government has put in its strategic plans to put beacons surrounding selected game reserves in the country so as to end long standing chaos with the local people bordering such game reserves. He was responding to the supplementary question earlier raised by Cecil David Mwambe (Chadema) whom wanted to know how far the government has gone in putting beacons as demarcation marks on boundaries surrounding national game reserves and the local people.

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