Saturday, December 9, 2017

Nguza Viking ‘alias Babu Seya’ freed by Magufuli today

President John Magufuli’s announcement to free Mr. Nguza Viking alias ‘Babu Seya’ just few hours ago while addressing the nation at the climax to mark the 56th Anniversary celebrations of the independence day has been jubilantly received by ululations that characterized the atmosphere at Jamhuri stadium in Dodoma designated capital.Spectators who turned up Jamhuri stadium could not believe their ears as President concluded in his speech that together with other 62 prisoners whom he has pardoned awaiting death penalties, he had also pardoned a Congolese musician Nguza Viking who had been sentenced to life imprisonment on February 11, 2010 together with his son Johnson Nguza alias ‘Papii Kocha’. The two were serving a life sentence for defiling and raping minors. 

Mr Viking and his son, flanked by two prison warders at the High Court of Appeal in Dar es Salaam when they had appealed to oppose the life sentence which had been imposed onto them by the High Court in Feb 2010. The two have been set free on presidential pardon today.

 Mr Viking and his son, Mr Nguza were sentenced to life imprisonment after they were found guilty of raping and defiling Mashujaa Primary School Children pupils aged between six and ten years in Sinza area, Kinondoni District. The offence was committed in 2003. The president’s announcements on amnesty also has pardoned other 1,000 inmates who had been imprisoned on different offenses in the country including two inmates with old age of about 85 years. The President said the two had served the longest jail term of between 40 and 45 years. The two musicians filed an appeal at the Court of Appeal in 2013 through advocates Mabere Marando and Gabriel Mnyelle, asking the highest court to revisit their sentence but in November, 2013 the sentence was upheld. Reports from some other quarters in the country have said that, the immediate announcements of the President has shocked the nation who turned in joyful mood when they heard a Congolese musician is now free walking out of the prison cell immediately before he finished even addressing the nation.

Underground water drainage systems underway in the country

THE government has embarked on various water and sanitation projects to expand the country’s sewerage network. Minister for Water and Irrigation, Engineer Isack Kamwelwe said this in Dar es Salaam yesterday when he met with representatives from French Development Agency (AFD). AFD is funding water access and sanitation projects in various regions in the country. The meeting was meant to discuss how both parties could work together for smooth implementation of the projects. Eng Kamwelwe admitted that the country’s sewerage network has not exceeded 20 per cent and the government was currently implementing various wastewater projects to expand the system. “The sewerage network is still low in the country, for Dar es Salam the sewerage infrastructure is only 10 per cent while at the country level we have not exceeded 20 per cent,” the Minister said. He said that the government has now decided that water projects must be implemented parallel with sanitation schemes. The Minister said that there are water access projects which involved sewerage infrastructure carried out in Lindi, Rukwa in Sumbawanga, Kigoma, Bukoba, Musoma and Mwanza. He noted that the new water project which will be implemented in Shinyanga region will also include the installation of waste water system.  Eng Kamwelewe further observed that the French government had pledged to provide 135 million Euro for the completion of sanitation projects in Dar es Salaam after completing the major water projects in Upper and Lower Ruvu which are now producing 502 liters and water wells at Mpera and Kimbiji that produce 260 liters. AFD Country Representative, Mr Emmanuel Baudran said that the sanitation project in Dar es Salaam will be the biggest scheme funded by his government. He assured the minister that his government will continue to work closely with Tanzania in implementing various water and sanitation projects. Mr Baudran said his agency is also ready to support other new projects including the sanitation project in Dodoma.

Magufuli warns CCM members not to involve in corrupt malpractices

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Chairman, President John Magufuli has warned party members against involvement in corrupt practices in the ongoing intra- party elections and vowed to nullify results of the elections that were marred by bribery. He said that since the country is determined to rout out corruption in government it is also a must to fight against the vice within the party. “The party is currently working on irregularities occurred during intraparty elections at different levels, if proven that there were acts of corruption, we will invalidate the results and re -run the polls in the respective areas,” he said. He added that if it will be discovered that some leaders acquired their positions through corruption, the party through the Central Committee and National Executive Committee will take disciplinary measures including nullifying the results and re-running the election. CCM commenced its internal elections in April, this year, and it has completed the process at branch, ward, district and regional levels. Addressing the CCM Women’s Wing 9th General Assembly in Dodoma yesterday, President Magufuli said that the party is determined to get leaders who have been chosen fairly by observing the party’s leadership code and election regulations. 

The CCM Chairman and President Dr. John Magufuli gestures as he addresses members of the CCM party (not in the picture). The meeting was held at State House in Dar es Salaam.

He noted that the party is currently collecting data on intra-party elections which have already been completed at district and regional levels and it will also do the same at national level. President Magufuli said that since he was not elected through corruption he will also not allow leaders who will be assisting him, to acquire their positions through bribery. He called upon the women’s wing members to elect a national leader who will defend their rights, unite them, respect and value the party’s rules and regulations. President Magufuli told the members to avoid choosing the leader on basis of wealth, friendship, religion, tribalism or corruption. He said women’s wing played an important role before and after independence and assured that the government will continue to work on various challenges facing women in the country. “We have completed the party internal elections at various levels and we are now going to complete this process at national level; you should be careful in electing the leader who will serve you for the next five years,” President Magufuli insisted. The President, however, directed Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa to make sure that the councils allocate 10 per cent of their internal revenue collections for Women and Youth Development Fund and disburse the money timely.

Dodoma shines as it receives fanfare to celebrate 56th Independence Day

History has definitely been rewritten as all roads lead to the capital city, Dodoma, to celebrate the country’s 56th Independence Day turned in a new scenery to grace the Independence day to be held at Jamhuri stadium today. With the epic and historic moment expected to reminiscent the 1961 celebrations, one will easily be forgiven to mistaken the city for a heaven of some sort, after intensive preparations for the maiden event spruced up the scenery. Houses, streets and all roads leading to Jamhuri stadium have been decorated with banners, bunting and national flags to express love and affection of the country’s independence to be graced by President John Magufuli. To ensure that the event goes without ugly incidents, the police in the city, yesterday, revealed to have intensified security, while Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa took time to visit Jamhuri Stadium, to assess the level of preparedness, and said the preparations “were spot on.” Many visitors from all walks of life have thronged the municipality starting mid this week ahead of the colorful ceremony. And, to spice up the day, the Dodoma Regional Commissioner, Dr Binilith Mahenge, promised fireworks today, saying the ceremony will be full of pomp and fanfare. According to him, there will be various displays by the defense forces, performance from various musicians and arts groups amongst others. A snap survey in the city revealed that a large number of stalls were selling national flags, badges and other decorative merchandise. It is the first time Dodoma is hosting the Independence Day celebrations at National level, thanks to President Magufuli who announced it last year. The day will also mark the climax of special programmes organized by private and government institutions in the name of lectures, seminars and dialogues. And, for some time now, the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF), the police, traditional dance and the patriotic youth groups have been holding rehearsals in the ground to make sure that the day lives up to Continued from page 1 its billing. Various political, religious, envoys, educational, social, literary organisation representatives and the general public are scheduled to attend the event. The Region Police Commander Gilles Muroto said with the population having increased in the municipality, the police were in full alert to ensure a peaceful and orderly observance of the day.

TWB Bank to be restructured under President’s directives

President John Magufuli has censured the Tanzania Women Bank’s (TWB) poor performance and ordered restructuring of the bank to make it more competitive. The president said that the bank should be reformed because it has failed to perform and meet its objective of addressing challenges faced by women in accessing loans at reasonable interest rates. Speaking in Dodoma yesterday during the inauguration of the 9th Chama Cha Mapinduzi Women’s Wing General Assembly, President Magufuli said that the bank has recorded poor performance since its establishment, with men being the major borrowers. “TWB’s performance is very poor, and men are the main borrowers, while women are charged higher interest rates ... it is useless to have a women bank which exploits them,” he said. The president said there was need for transforming the bank to compete in the current market, noting that its coverage is also confined in Dar es Salaam. He noted that under the new arrangements, any bank which will fail to perform will be closed down because the government will not support such institutions which are causing loss of revenue which could be used in other sectors such as health, agriculture and education. The president urged the new women leaders who will be elected to assist the party in restructuring the bank so that it can go with the objective for its establishment. “This bank has never helped women, instead it has been exploiting them despite bearing the women logo,” he said. The government owned bank was created in 2007 and registered as a limited liability company with a shareholding structure comprising of 97 per cent government and 3 per cent private individuals and entities. It officially started operation in 2009, with a passion and commitment towards empowering women economically and socially. TWB was spotted as one of the banks likely to fall victim of becoming under receivership after failing to meet regulatory standards, including having a capital adequacy ratio of 5bn/. Last year, BoT took over operations of Twiga Bancorp following directives by President Magufuli to the central bank to take action against failing banks which are owned by the government. A report issued by the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) Prof Mussa Assadin Dodoma in April this year showed that the bank (TWB) was falling into a serious financial crisis and “the central bank should intervene before it’s fully bankrupt.” The apex auditor explained that the capital ratio for the bank was below 5bn/- as required by the Banking and Financial Institution Act, 1991. In a report tabled to the parliament, the CAG found the bank has during the financial year ending June 2016 released loan amounting to 655m/- without adhering to best practices, including proof of companies loaned. “The bank did not pay attention to identity or obtaining collaterals from loan applicants ... This bank was indeed supposed to be closed,” he said. The CAG however urged the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) to track the performance of the bank which has shown all signs it would become bankrupt. He said the continuation of the undercapitalized institution poses a risk to financial institutions.