Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Magufuli praises clerics for their peace keeping prayers

President John Magufuli shaking hands with fellow Christians at St. Paul of the Cross Cathedral in Dodoma where he had joined them in prayers. 

President John Magufuli has commended religious leaders for their efforts in maintaining the country’s peace and love among people of all faiths. The president promised that he would personally continue working with the clerics in building the country’s destiny. “I request all religious leaders to pray for the country so that our peace continues to flourish and my government shall continue working with you,’’ he pledged. For Sunday mass yesterday, the president and his wife Janeth, joined fellow Christians at St. Paul of the Cross Cathedral in Dodoma. Speaking after the mass, the president thanked all the religious leaders for their prayers for the well-being of the nation and asked all the clerics across the country to keep praying. Dr Magufuli said he was aware of the contribution being made by the religious leaders, pledging to continue working with them in building a better country. During the mass, the president contributed 10m/- in offerings… to a visibly grateful Sergio Madinda, the head of the church.

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