Saturday, December 9, 2017

Magufuli warns CCM members not to involve in corrupt malpractices

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Chairman, President John Magufuli has warned party members against involvement in corrupt practices in the ongoing intra- party elections and vowed to nullify results of the elections that were marred by bribery. He said that since the country is determined to rout out corruption in government it is also a must to fight against the vice within the party. “The party is currently working on irregularities occurred during intraparty elections at different levels, if proven that there were acts of corruption, we will invalidate the results and re -run the polls in the respective areas,” he said. He added that if it will be discovered that some leaders acquired their positions through corruption, the party through the Central Committee and National Executive Committee will take disciplinary measures including nullifying the results and re-running the election. CCM commenced its internal elections in April, this year, and it has completed the process at branch, ward, district and regional levels. Addressing the CCM Women’s Wing 9th General Assembly in Dodoma yesterday, President Magufuli said that the party is determined to get leaders who have been chosen fairly by observing the party’s leadership code and election regulations. 

The CCM Chairman and President Dr. John Magufuli gestures as he addresses members of the CCM party (not in the picture). The meeting was held at State House in Dar es Salaam.

He noted that the party is currently collecting data on intra-party elections which have already been completed at district and regional levels and it will also do the same at national level. President Magufuli said that since he was not elected through corruption he will also not allow leaders who will be assisting him, to acquire their positions through bribery. He called upon the women’s wing members to elect a national leader who will defend their rights, unite them, respect and value the party’s rules and regulations. President Magufuli told the members to avoid choosing the leader on basis of wealth, friendship, religion, tribalism or corruption. He said women’s wing played an important role before and after independence and assured that the government will continue to work on various challenges facing women in the country. “We have completed the party internal elections at various levels and we are now going to complete this process at national level; you should be careful in electing the leader who will serve you for the next five years,” President Magufuli insisted. The President, however, directed Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa to make sure that the councils allocate 10 per cent of their internal revenue collections for Women and Youth Development Fund and disburse the money timely.

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