Monday, July 20, 2015

Residents demands for an MP office

RESIDENTS of Njombe region have said that they need a Member of Parliament who should have an office close to them so as to enable them send their queries whenever they might be in need of consultancy. Residents have issued a concern early this week at a time when CCM party members are picking up nomination forms to contest for various positions including Parliamentary seat for October election. Speaking at a different time, the residents have said that they have never have an office for the MP in their area whereby people in the constituency could have time to send their grievances even if in the absence of their MP. One of the complaining residents Enock Mwangongolwa said that, they need an MP who would mind to set up the office so that people at their own time would come and present their grievances. Mwangongolwa further noted that, residents in Njombe region have been unable to present their grievances to the MP as there has never been an MP office in their constituency. Either Erick Sanga noted that he has ever travelled all over the country and saw in most constituencies there are offices for their MPs, but to the great dismay, he is surprised to see that in Njombe there is none. In view of this, he is appealing to whoever would win the seat regardless of the party’s affiliation should make sure that he/she sets up an office so that it should become much easier for the people in the constituency to send their problems. Speaking with journalists during the picking up of forms, one of the contesting CCM member Joseph Msemwa said that, once he is elected as a MP for the constituency in the coming October election, he would set up ,an office so as to quicken the pace of development in the area. Delivering the reports to the CCM regional Chairman Deo Sanga to those already members who have already picked up their forms in three constituencies in Njombe district, the CCM party district secretary Sadakati Kimati said that as up to Friday this week about 18 people had already expressed their desire to conte4st for the seat. He said in his district there are so many contestants who already have picked up their forms compared to the previous years. Either Kimati has issued a warning to contestants from printing flayers, calendars and other things used for campaigning unless the National Electoral Commission (NEC) allows the nationwide campaigns as doing so is against the law. Sanga alias ‘Jar people’ further noted that he had decided to pick up forms with the aim of fulfilling what he had established while he was in power.

Many leaders to contest for parliamentary seats

LEADERS of various ranks who includes Regional Commissioners, District Commissioners, Directors of various institutions including incumbent Members of Parliament, have picked up nomination forms to vie for parliamentary seats in various constituencies in Iringa region. Among the most prominent leaders are the Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements William Lukuvi the incumbent Member of Parliament on CCM ticket for Isman who has also picked up forms to vie defend his constituency the country. Other leaders are Abbas Kandoro the current Mbeya Regional Commissioner who has picked forms to vie for Kalenga constituency which the incumbent MP is Godfrey Mgimwa the son of a former Minister for Finance who held the constituency before he died in May last year. Either the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has added a new constituency of Mafinga in Mufindi district following the establishment of Mafinga district council, or this makes Iringa region to have the total number of seven constituencies.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner Abbas Kandoro

Others are the director of Tigo Mobile Phone Company of the Southern Highland regions Jacksonm Kiswaga who is expected to pick up forms today to be accompanied by a highly team delegations of the traditional leaders of Hehe tribe led by their Assistant Chief  Gerald Malangalila. Apart from the Isman constituency being held by its incumbent MP William Lukuvi for a long time, now the MP is faced with opposition from within CCM who have also expressed their desire to contest for the constituency including the current District Commissioner for Misenyi in Kagera region Festo Kiswaga. Others who picked up their forms on Friday and on Thursday this week are Hamis Malinga a Masters Degree holder in Natural Resources Management and agriculture and is currently working with the Institute for Wildlife Development in the country. Another is the current Klimanjaro Regional Commissioner Leonidas Gama who yesterday picked nomination forms to vie for Songea town Constituency. Speaking with journalists he said that what has made him to vie for this position is that he wants to cooperate with the residents of the area in terms of promoting social and economic development of the constituency.  He said there are so many things to be done for the people in the constituency and that most of the social and economic development of the people in the constituency has not been fulfilled according to the ruling party’s manifestos. Either in order to quench his thirsty, the former Minister for Environment in the just ended fourth phase government Dr Tresia Huvisa has also picked nomination forms to vie for the same position in the same constituency.

The incumbent Iringa town legislator Reverent Peter Msigwa gestures at a press conference in Dar es Salaam.

 After he had picked the forms, the former Minister promised to fulfill the various economic challenges that are still a big stumbling block to the development of the people in the area. At Iringa town which currently is led by Reverend Peter Msigwa for Chadema ticket, has some CCM cadres who have emerged to pick up forms with a view to return it back to CCM. These are the current Wanging’ombe district Commissioner Frederick Mwakalebela who on Thursday this week announced his quest to vie for the position. He is expected to pick up forms today. Also in the list are Nuru Hepautwa whom is the Youth Commander (UVCCM) for Iringa town and Mahamudu Madenge whom is a member of the CCM’s National Executive Committee (NEC) . Others who vies for Iringa town constituency are Dr. Yahaya Msigwa Chairman of the evangelical musical choir in the country, Addo Mwasongwe a journalist with Uhuru and Mzalendo newspapers, Frank Kibiki a famous businessman in the town.
 At Kilolo constituency:
Former presidential adviser whom is also a member of the National Executive Committee of the ruling party Professor Peter Msolla also had picked forms to vie for the Kilolo constituency on Thursday this week. Apart from Prof. Msolla who has beedn a an MP for the constituency for the last ten years, others who picked up forms to vie for the constituency are Chelztino Mofuga whom is a teacher, Venance Mwamoto whom is the district commissioner for Kaliua in Tabora region. Others are an advocater Merick Luvinga and an expert in financial and business matters Danford Mbilinyi.
At Mufindi South constituency:
There are a number of 11 candidates who have announced their quest and picked form to vie for the constituency including the incumbent MP Mendrad Kigola. Others are Dickson Lutevele, Mary Niho, Golden Mgonzo, Dionis Myinga, Frank Mwalage, Dk Prosper Mfilinge, Antoni Mpiluka, Charles Sanga, Wende Ngahala na Faustine Mhaga.
At Mufindi North constituency:
As the incumbent MP for the constituency, the Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Mahamudu Mgimwa is expected to defend his constituency for another five years, people who have already picked up forms for nominations are Godfrey Ngupula and Dr. Raphael Kalinga. Others who are vying for the constituency is an expert on policy planning in  the ministry of trade and industries  Exaud Kigahe who already has picked up forms for nominations.
At Mafinga town constituency:
An officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation  Cosato Chumib has already picked up forms. Others who have emerged to vie for the constituency arte are Paulo Myinga and Benjamin Balali. Meanwhile, an evangelical choir singer who was an MP on special seats for Women organization wing (UWT) in Singida region Martha Mlata has picked a nomination forms seeking for the party’s nomination to defend her constituency during the general election in October this year. After having received such forms from the UWT Secretary in Nkalama district Fatuma Juma Ndee,Mlata said that she is vying for the same position in order t6o fight for the economic and social development for the people of Singida especially for women who have been left behind economically. Another woman id Diana Chilolo whom hasd also picked forms to vie for the same position in the constituency. Ms. Diana is currently the Chairman of the UWT in Singida region

Dar residents astonished as EID celebrations triggered high food prices

WITH the start of Eid-el-Fitry celebrations today, some food commodities are sold at high prices at some of the Dar es Salaam markets due to high demand by consumers, the survey by the Guardian can establish. Food commodities mostly affected were those normally preferred during special religious occasions and big festivities such as rice, cow meat as well as local and exotic bread chicken whose high prices are normally characterized by a high demand by potential consumers. A random survey by the Guardian carried out in most city markets reveals that, a kilogramme of the best quality rice content is sold at a retail price of between Sh. 2,100 and Sh. 2,400 compared to the previous price of between Sh. 1,800 and Sh. 2,000 respectively. This is an increase of 20 percent.   Shabani Abdallah, a retail trader at Ilala market in the city said he bought 200 bags of rice from Mbeya and took only one week to dispose of the whole consignment. At other times, it would normally take him about a month to finish the lot. He said boasting during religious occasions they reap big profits.   At Buguruni market which is famous for selling bananas, prices was not normal as almost every essential food commodity was raised by 25 percent. Cooking bananas were sold at Sh. 1,000 for a bundle of four pieces instead of the six pieces as it was used before.  Ripe bananas were sold at between Sh. 200 and Sh. 250 each piece respectively instead of Sh. 100 and Sh. 150 as it was before.  According to one trader, Omar Salehe, there is no constant price for consumable products for most traders take the advantage of the festivities. The prices of mixed meat at Gongo la Mboto butcheries rose from the normal Sh. 6,000 for a normal kilogram to Sh. 7,000 a kilogram. The survey has further discovered that,  a kilogram of the steak meat has risen from Sh. 8,000 and now is fetched at Sh. 9,000. This is an increase of 14 percent.  Attributing for such a tremendous rise, Mvunda Kipelego a famous meat trader said that, the prices of cows at the nearby Pugu Cattle market were skyrocketed.  The survey shows that there was no any change of meat prices at Kariakoo market as these remained constant selling level as it was before. Both exotic and local breed chickens are far from their normal price as these were rarely seen and apart from that, their prices were unaffordable to ordinary people. 

The survey can reveal that, a local breed hen was fetched at a lower price of Tshs. 15,000, and a cock at a lower price of Sh. 20,000. Exotic chicken were sold at a lower price rate of between Sh. 7,000 and Sh. 10,000 depending on their weights respectively.  Irish potatoes commodity from which a favourite fried chips is made as a popular food for most young residents including adults in the city of Dar es Salaam remained unchanged at Tshs. 1,000 a kilogram. This price has been virtually remained at a constant level for about two years now in almost all Dar es Salaam markets and their suburbs. Other food commodities and condiments such as tomatoes and onions had been sold at minimum prices as their supply is constant. A kilogram of onion has been sold at Tshs. 2,400 whereas tomatoes have been fetched at Tshs. 2,200 a kilogram. Some interviewed buyers at most markets have kindly requested the authorities concerned from the municipal government to intervene such tremendous price increase which normally occurs during festivities. They were astonished by some traders who tend to benefit by increasing their consumable products at the expense of the religious occasions. The Kariakoo market statistician Nicolus Omolo from where all these commodities are purchased in bulk in the city says that, there has been a constant supply of most of these commodities since the start of the holy month of Ramadhan over a month ago. He said in a telephone interview that, prices of such commodities sometimes rises up whenever there is a high demand by consumers at a local market. He further said that, unscrupulous traders sometimes are to blame as they tend to rise up some food commodities during religious festivities as they take advantage of the celebrity for unknown reasons presuming many people would emerge to buy their products.   Omolo who is an economist by profession noted that, the situation is unavoidable as the demand for such commodities surge up within a short time and then the prices falls down to a normal business trend when such festivities comers to an end. Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated as the day of breaking fast as the Islamic holy month of Ramadan ends. Muslims around the world observe the holy month of Ramadan by fasting from dawn to dusk. Eid is a reward for Muslims who, apart from fasting, have restrained themselves from material and spiritual vices including, lying, cheating, violence and theft.

Training on land ownerships benefits villagers in Iringa

A total number of 940 villagers of Ilalasimba of Nzihi ward in Iringa rural district council have been handed village land titles through MAST programme at a value of sh.127,393,200/- which was coordinated by a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) known as Tanzania Grassroots Oriented Development (TAGRODE) in collaboration with Care International of Iringa region for the last seven months. Presenting the certificates the Assistant Commissioner for land responsible for rural from the Ministry Headquarter, Frolah Luvanda said that the government has really appreciated the contribution of the programme as most villages in the country have not benefited. He said despite of the fact that the programme has not yet applied in many areas in the country, this is the reason why there has been some land crisis in some parts in the country between farmers and livestock keepers. He said sponsors of the MAST programme  for USAID and care have done a commendable job in the pilot project as the benefits of the programme results from the land titles given to villagers. He said the government through Land Act of 1999 was supposed to survey as many villages as possible in the country, but it had failed to execute the duty due to fewer human and financial resources and said once a strategic investor id fou8nd to help people in this exercise is a bless to all people. Either he has called upon 940 villagers who have benefited from this programme to take care of their land certificates  as these are most important documents that could b e used to acquire loans and other incentives to help them for their future lives. 

The historical town of Iringa.

While delivering a report of the project, the TAGRODE’s Director Zuberi Mwachula said that NAST programme started in February 2015 and is expected to be completed in August 2015 at the cost of Sh. 127,393,200/-. He said through this project there are two important things tio be taken into account which includes to put an awareness to the public on the use of village land title deeds, whereby about 40 in the village were issued with training and the second thing is that the nominated villagers put to work for the land surveying,. He said the MAST project has been divided in to three main areas and the most important one is whereby the community is being prepared to institute a system of good governance. Another is to cope with the emerging technology that helps in the use of statistics. Another important area he noted is the training over the use of  Mapping of Property Rights to middle income people who are directly concerned with the date collection and present them to the concerned organ in the country. TAGRODE director thanked the government (Lad unit at Iringa district council) and the Ilalasimba villagers for their cooperation in the implementation of this project which has been made successful by the American based Sid institute known an USAID which worked under the consultancy work by CLOUDBURST also from USA. Earlier when reading the reports on MAST Vedastus Kidakule said that the Ilalasimba village that is composed of 1,982 villagers is lucky to have been chosen to become a pilot project for the land surveying programme whereby a total of 940 villagers are lucky to have acquired such land titles.

Create conducive environment for youths, government urged

THE Government has been asked to create a conducive environment which would enable youth to engage in entrepreneurial and agricultural activities in rural areas, a move that would also desist them from flocking in towns in search of jobs.  Speaking at a public rally in Njombe town, Emmanuel Filangali said many youth have been unable to perform their duties perfectly in  rural areas due to lack of job opportunities alongside with inadequate electricity supply in rural areas. He said many youth have then tendency of migrating to urban centres such as in cities and towns in search of job, and by doing so are shunning away from engaging in production activities including agriculture.“My dear brothers, agriculture pays a lot, in case you create a conducive environment in this sector I am optimistic that many youth will not run away from the rural and instead they would continue staying in villages to continue with agricultural activities”, he said. According to him, many youth have a tendency of running away from the village life after having seen that agriculture does not cater for their daily life for the prices for goods are tool low compared to the costs of operations. Filangali  who has shown interest to vie for the parliamentary seat has assured youth that once he is elected for the position under the ticket of Chadema, the first thing he would react upon is to see that youth are given special attention so as to make them see that agriculture is given the priority it deserve. However, he also noted that he would make sure that prices for agricultural products are regulated so that they could see that it is fit for their life. He said despite of curbing with the unemployment problem in the country he has assured youth to raise the economic standards by 80 percent and would also direct the constituency find to help rural people. However, he added that, once elected a member of parliament he would make sure he speaks for the people and solve all their problems wherever is needed. He said the constituency which is under the ruling party CCM and its incumbent MP Anne Makinda who is the Speaker of the National Assembly have been lagging behind in terms of development.