Monday, July 20, 2015

Many leaders to contest for parliamentary seats

LEADERS of various ranks who includes Regional Commissioners, District Commissioners, Directors of various institutions including incumbent Members of Parliament, have picked up nomination forms to vie for parliamentary seats in various constituencies in Iringa region. Among the most prominent leaders are the Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements William Lukuvi the incumbent Member of Parliament on CCM ticket for Isman who has also picked up forms to vie defend his constituency the country. Other leaders are Abbas Kandoro the current Mbeya Regional Commissioner who has picked forms to vie for Kalenga constituency which the incumbent MP is Godfrey Mgimwa the son of a former Minister for Finance who held the constituency before he died in May last year. Either the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has added a new constituency of Mafinga in Mufindi district following the establishment of Mafinga district council, or this makes Iringa region to have the total number of seven constituencies.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner Abbas Kandoro

Others are the director of Tigo Mobile Phone Company of the Southern Highland regions Jacksonm Kiswaga who is expected to pick up forms today to be accompanied by a highly team delegations of the traditional leaders of Hehe tribe led by their Assistant Chief  Gerald Malangalila. Apart from the Isman constituency being held by its incumbent MP William Lukuvi for a long time, now the MP is faced with opposition from within CCM who have also expressed their desire to contest for the constituency including the current District Commissioner for Misenyi in Kagera region Festo Kiswaga. Others who picked up their forms on Friday and on Thursday this week are Hamis Malinga a Masters Degree holder in Natural Resources Management and agriculture and is currently working with the Institute for Wildlife Development in the country. Another is the current Klimanjaro Regional Commissioner Leonidas Gama who yesterday picked nomination forms to vie for Songea town Constituency. Speaking with journalists he said that what has made him to vie for this position is that he wants to cooperate with the residents of the area in terms of promoting social and economic development of the constituency.  He said there are so many things to be done for the people in the constituency and that most of the social and economic development of the people in the constituency has not been fulfilled according to the ruling party’s manifestos. Either in order to quench his thirsty, the former Minister for Environment in the just ended fourth phase government Dr Tresia Huvisa has also picked nomination forms to vie for the same position in the same constituency.

The incumbent Iringa town legislator Reverent Peter Msigwa gestures at a press conference in Dar es Salaam.

 After he had picked the forms, the former Minister promised to fulfill the various economic challenges that are still a big stumbling block to the development of the people in the area. At Iringa town which currently is led by Reverend Peter Msigwa for Chadema ticket, has some CCM cadres who have emerged to pick up forms with a view to return it back to CCM. These are the current Wanging’ombe district Commissioner Frederick Mwakalebela who on Thursday this week announced his quest to vie for the position. He is expected to pick up forms today. Also in the list are Nuru Hepautwa whom is the Youth Commander (UVCCM) for Iringa town and Mahamudu Madenge whom is a member of the CCM’s National Executive Committee (NEC) . Others who vies for Iringa town constituency are Dr. Yahaya Msigwa Chairman of the evangelical musical choir in the country, Addo Mwasongwe a journalist with Uhuru and Mzalendo newspapers, Frank Kibiki a famous businessman in the town.
 At Kilolo constituency:
Former presidential adviser whom is also a member of the National Executive Committee of the ruling party Professor Peter Msolla also had picked forms to vie for the Kilolo constituency on Thursday this week. Apart from Prof. Msolla who has beedn a an MP for the constituency for the last ten years, others who picked up forms to vie for the constituency are Chelztino Mofuga whom is a teacher, Venance Mwamoto whom is the district commissioner for Kaliua in Tabora region. Others are an advocater Merick Luvinga and an expert in financial and business matters Danford Mbilinyi.
At Mufindi South constituency:
There are a number of 11 candidates who have announced their quest and picked form to vie for the constituency including the incumbent MP Mendrad Kigola. Others are Dickson Lutevele, Mary Niho, Golden Mgonzo, Dionis Myinga, Frank Mwalage, Dk Prosper Mfilinge, Antoni Mpiluka, Charles Sanga, Wende Ngahala na Faustine Mhaga.
At Mufindi North constituency:
As the incumbent MP for the constituency, the Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Mahamudu Mgimwa is expected to defend his constituency for another five years, people who have already picked up forms for nominations are Godfrey Ngupula and Dr. Raphael Kalinga. Others who are vying for the constituency is an expert on policy planning in  the ministry of trade and industries  Exaud Kigahe who already has picked up forms for nominations.
At Mafinga town constituency:
An officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation  Cosato Chumib has already picked up forms. Others who have emerged to vie for the constituency arte are Paulo Myinga and Benjamin Balali. Meanwhile, an evangelical choir singer who was an MP on special seats for Women organization wing (UWT) in Singida region Martha Mlata has picked a nomination forms seeking for the party’s nomination to defend her constituency during the general election in October this year. After having received such forms from the UWT Secretary in Nkalama district Fatuma Juma Ndee,Mlata said that she is vying for the same position in order t6o fight for the economic and social development for the people of Singida especially for women who have been left behind economically. Another woman id Diana Chilolo whom hasd also picked forms to vie for the same position in the constituency. Ms. Diana is currently the Chairman of the UWT in Singida region

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