Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Muheza district council excels in revenue collection

MUHEZA district Council in Tanga region has increased its revenue collection by 100 percent for the last five years from Sh. 491,890,420 in 2010/11 financial year to Sh. 911,885,750 in 2014/15 fiscal year. The Council’s chairman Amiri Kiroboto said on Friday last week at Muheza social hall during the meeting that occasioned to dissolve the counselors whose term of service with the council has ended according to the constitution waiting for the general election slated later in October this year. In his speech, chairman Kiroboto noted that, the success behind such a tremendous increase has culminated from the newly established internal sources of revenues in the district which has enabled the council to surpass its targets. He said due to the internal increase of revenue sources, the council has performed well to the extent that it has managed to buy a water drilling machine for drilling deep water wells at a lower and effective cost. He said the council needs staff of different cadre with high professionalism to execute their duties and now the government hbas supplied a considerable amount of staff and services are effectively rendered to the people. Kiroboto noted that in all sectors the council has done developmental matters within five years period which are commendable. The sectors include health education, water, infrastructure, agriculture, livestock, wildlife conservation as well as communication. Biding his farewell to the outgoing counselors, the Muheza District Commissioner Eserina Kilasi thanked them for implementing the ruling party’s (CMM) manifesto and said that the district has made one step further for people’s development. He relieved their mind at this time when contesters are vying for various positions during them coming elections and noted that, in their campaigns of which some might be elected councilors again, should they also insist people to emerge in great numbers to register themselves in a permanent voter registration book which currently is recorded by use of Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) machines. The DC also sent a message to the outgoing councilors that in their campaigns they should also emphasize the need of people from their respective wards to engage themselves in the construction of secondary laboratories. The Director of Muheza District Council Adriano Jungu read a statement to the outgoing counselors which show work procedures on how to conduct the activities of councils in the country after the dissolution of the councilors cabinet in the district council. CCM District Chairman Peter Jambele gave hope to the outgoing councilors and urged them to campaign for their return as the council was really in great need of them at this around. However, he said adding that, they should campaign to show that the ruling party has done many good things to the people.

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