Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Shortage of beds faces a regional hospital

The Arusha Regional Referral Hospital  in northern Tanzania is faced with a shortage of beds, forcing patients to share a bed. Arusha Regional Chief Medical Officer, Dr Timothy Wonanji said on Monday this week that in total they are in need of 161 beds. Dr Wonanji said this when he was receiving 40 beds and mattresses from Exim Bank Arusha Branch as part of celebrating 20 years since the bank was introduced in the country. He said the support has come at an opportune moment as the Mount Meru Hospital is going through trying times, asking other stakeholders to follow Exim’s example. Dr Wonanji said that maternity ward is the mostly affected in the hospital as many call for delivery and that it is common for two mums sharing a single bed, something he said was not healthy as it could lead to infections. 

The medical expert further said that Mount Meru Hospital is in need of 500 beds if they are to assign one patient per bed, saying that after Exim’s support the shortage remains at 161 beds. He said the beds delivered would be used at the maternity wards. He thanked the Exim Bank management for the support and asked them to initiate a campaign against non-communicable diseases, saying they were becoming a huge threat as days unfold. Exim Bank Arusha Branch Head of Trade and Marketing, Mr Stanley Kafu said that in their 20 years anniversary they will issue 500 beds and mattresses to public hospitals in 13 regions in the country. Mr Kafu said the equipment cost more than 200m/- and the bank has used the sum from little profit they accrue so as to give back to the community and steer development activities.

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