Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Govt to curb environmental changes in local communities

The government has reiterated its commitments to continue defending laws governing the protection of the environment and water sources against depletion and will not hesitate to take legal actions against the defaulters in the country. The deputy minister of State in Vice-President Office who is responsible for environment Kangi Lugola said in the Parliament on Monday this week when he was responding to the question which was raised by Kilwa South legislator Mwantumu Dau Haji (CUF) during question and answer session. The legislator wanted to know plans by government over the fight against the environmental degradation in the country, and what measures which have been imposed by the government to ensure the sustainability of the environment in local communities. The deputy minister noted that, the government has come up with the second program of the Agricultural Sector Development Program (ASDP) on which it has highlighted various measures to cub the environmental changes with a view to develop sustainable agricultural activities an element which helps to maintain the environment. 

He said the program has necessitated the use of tree planting and well planned agricultural practice on trees which bears fruits and cultivation of vegetables so as to maintain the environments in specialized areas. He further noted that, the government will continue practicing its plans and strategies which it had initiated in 2007 and reviewed in 2014 of protecting water sources and make sure that no any human activities takes place within 60 selected meters close to water sources. The government will continue setting apart substantial amount of money in its budget in order to curb with the increased environmental degradation as well as use the donor’s funds which are issued for the same purposes. The deputy minister was responding yl the supplementary question which was raised by Dr. Swale Semesi who wanted to know how donors’ money help maintain the environment in the country. In response, the deputy minister noted that, the government has received Tshs. 200 million from various donors to help curb the environmental climate change in the country.

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