Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Road projects to be accomplished as planned, says the government

The government has taken into considerations various queries which are related with road construction projects and has pledged to complete them within the remaining years of the fifth phase government’s administration rule. The deputy minister of State in President’s office responsible for local government and regional administration Josephat Kandege told the parliament that, it’s the government’s aim to make sure that it accomplishes all road projects it had pledged to construct in a tarmac level in various parts in the country. The deputy minister was responding to the question earlier raised by Ludewa’s  legislator Deogratius Francis Ngalawa (CCM) who wanted to know when then government will construct a long stretch road bursting from Ludewa town to the rural in vicinity where he said people living there have never seen a motor car nor a bicycle in their lifetime. Another legislator Ally Seif Ungando (CCM) from Kibiti constituency noted that a long stretch of a road in his area that starts from Gungu to Msolo and another from Mtunga to Kikale villages is quite impassable and needs urgent attention by the government. Responding to the queries of the two legislators, the deputy minister said that, his office has already issued a directive to the Manager of Tanzania Rural Road Agency (TARURA) to go to the site and look at the problem and work on it immediately. He said that the government has issued Tshs. 151.6 million to be used for road repair in Kibiti area and other Tshs. 185.03 million has been set by the TARURA to complete a 65 Kilometer stretch of a road in Kibiti district which have been wreck havoc by recent rains.  Earlier, a special seat legislator Cecilia Pareso (Chadema) raised a supplementary question when she wanted to know the implementation of president’s promises of constructing roads in various places in the country. Responding to this question, the deputy minister noted that, all these would be accomplished within the set time before the end of the first term.

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