Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Authorities advised to set aside business areas conducive to environment

District council authorities have been advised to set aside their areas on which to enable youths conduct their businesses which are environmentally friendly and with free access to important infrastructures such as water, electricity, roads and wash rooms.  The advice was issued yesterday in parliament by the deputy minister of State in president’s office for local government and regional administration George Kakunda during question and answer session. The minister said that, proper areas with free access to these infrastructural facilities provides a conducive environment to small scale businesses which are aimed at alleviating poverty stricken situation among the youths in the country. 

Machingas need to have a space on which to sell their merchandise

He was responding to the question which was earlier raised by Mafinga urban legislator David Kosato Chumi (CCM) who wanted to know roles of district councils in reinforcing business activities for the youths in the country. The deputy minister noted that, many working business groups for the youths are operating in an open space and needs to access such facilities. A supplementary question was raised by the special seat legislator Zainabu Katimba (CCM) who wanted to know plans by the district authorities through their trade officers to help youths conduct their businesses. Responding to this question, the deputy minister Kakunda noted that all trade officers from district councils are supposed to play the role of promoting youths in respective areas of businesses by sensitizing youths’ economic empowerment.

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