Saturday, June 16, 2018

Tanzania and Malawi to sign pact of constructing water irrigation schemes

Tanzania and Malawi governments have set to sign pact after which will seek loan from  the African Development Bank (ADB) which will enable two countries to jointly construct an irrigation water scheme project to be located at Songwe slope in southern Tanzania. The Minister for Water and Irrigation Isack Aloyce Kamwelwe said today that, once the money is attained, three water dams will be constructed in different phases In order to promote agriculture by means of irrigation. He told lawmakers in parliament early this week during question and answer session in parliament that, the project to be signed later will also enable to generate electricity, the project would protect water sources from encroachers with a view of getting safe and clean water supply. He also noted that, prior to the start of the project, preliminary preparations will be done whereby a number of families living closer to the designated project site will be ordered to vacate and be compensated according to the law in order to pave the way for the construction to start on straight. The Minister was responding to a question which was earlier raised by Ileje legislator Janet Zebedayo Mbene (CCM) who wanted to know from the water ministry    when will the long awaited water irrigation scheme in Songwe start. In response, the minister noted that, the government is keen and has put a firm commitment to accomplish various water projects alongside hiring experts to help mobilize the implementation of the water technology program in the country.  

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