Friday, June 29, 2018

Mysterious disappearence of people at in Mikumi national park

A Member of Parliament Joseph Haule (Chadema) has claimed that about 40 people have got lost in a mysterious condition and claimed that have been killed by game reserve soldiers at Mikumi National Park and in view of this, has forced the government to speak out the truth about the matter. Haule raised his voice in parliament today during question and answer session and said that, the government has been making wrong clarification full of uncertainty. “If it is a matter of human rights, then people from Iwembe, Kitete and Kielezo villages suffers the most with pangs of solitude after having lost their relatives as this is their denial of rights”, he said. The legislator wanted the deputy minister to listen these people otherwise it will make its work become so tough as there has been unusual acts of abduction and as up to now about 40 people have disappeared. Responding to this question, the deputy minister noted that, his ministry has yet received such shocking news of the people who have lost in a mysterious condition. Clarifying more, the deputy minister has instructed the legislator typo list down names of those alleged to have got lost so that, his ministry should start tracing of their whereabouts. However, he dismissed claims that there were conflict among the local people with the government over the demarcations with the national parks and noted that, the conflict which was there before had been solved by the Regional Commissioner of Morogoro region and the village authorities

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