Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Govt orders teachers to avoid unnecessary debts

The government has issued strong warning to primary school head teachers not to concentrate much in accumulating further debts as the government is currently spending money paying arrears. The deputy minister of State in President’s office for local government authority George Kakunda has issued a directive last week in parliament and said that, a teacher who will be found to have flouted the directives and insisted on accumulating debts will be directly forced to pay them. The minister was responding to the question which was raised by Bahi legislator Omary Badweli (CCM) who wanted to know the disbursement of money with which to run the activities at primary schools in the country and how the government has planed to repay the debts incurred. 

The minister said that, as the government has confirmed itself to be able to give help to its primary schools in the country, then there was no any reason for head teachers to borrow money from other sources on the pretext that are used to accomplish their school needs. He said that, education supervisors are doing commendable job to make sure that money issued by the government is directed to the intended purposes and not otherwise. He assured the law makers that, since the exercise started there are none of such cases related with the pilferage and if there are, these are very little and minor ones that could not account for any bigger losses to the government. On pre-primary pupil’s admission in any school in the country will be offered free of charge and the government would also continue to give free education to children who are enrolled and taught in these public schools freely. The minister was responding to the supplementary question which was raised by Korogwe urban legislator Mary Chatanda (CCM) who wanted to know even the government is also providing free education to such pupils like other pupils in accordance with the laid down policy.

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