Sunday, June 17, 2018

Deputy speaker dismisses a question linked to Christianity in parliament

The deputy speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Tulia Ackson has neglected a question which was intended to be directed to the Prime Minister in the morning session last week in parliament saying that is it linked with Christian belief. The question was raised by Vunjo legislator James Mbatia (NCCR-Mageuzi) who wanted to know steps taken by the government in connection with the controversial documents linked with lent season being observed by Christians and which was issued by Catholic and Tanzania Evangelical church. No sooner had the legislator raised the question than the Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa started to answer, the deputy speaker intervened as a way of preventing the Premier from answering the question. 

Dr. Tulia Ackson

She reminded the legislator that, a similar question had ever been asked by Ubungo legislator Saed Kubenea (Chadema) and the Speaker of the national Assembly Job Ndugai dismissed it as baseless. However, the deputy speaker allowed another legislator in the house to continue by asking another question and Mbatia’s issue was not attended. On 10th May this year during Bunge session, in unprecedented move, the speaker of National Assembly Job Ndugai dismissed and declared as baseless a  question which was intended to be directed to the Prime Minister by Ubungo legislator Saed Kubenea saying that it had some religious affiliations in it. However, the Speaker reminded all legislators that, questions which are supposed to be directed to the Prime Minister according to the parliamentary procedures must be of the national interest and not for a particular group or constituency for that matter. Kubenea wanted to know from the Prime Minister why is it that during the time for Hijah in the holy city of Mecca the National Muslim Council (BAKWATA) takes advantage to arrange trips of people going for this holy visit in Mecca and not other organizations.

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