Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Govt plans to legalize unauthorized ports along Indian Ocean

Plans are underway by the government to legalize unauthorized ports of entry which are along the eastern coast bordering Indian Ocean in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar respectively. The Deputy Minister of Works, Transport and Communications, Eng. Atashasta Nditiye said last week in parliament that, the government has reached to such a decision after having made a to

ur visit to these ports and noticed that are carrying out efficient marine operational activities. “The government has seen the need to authorize such ports instead of leaving them so as to allow free marine operational activities in these ports run more efficiently”, the deputy minister told Members of Parliament. He said a proper channel would be followed and done in collaboration with Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) under legal systems to identify them in order to accomplish the need as the government is not happy to see is losing taxes through such unauthorized ports which it has reckoned of their work efficiency.
Eng. Atashasta Nditiye

The deputy minister was responding to the supplementary question which was raised by Tanga urban legislator Mussa Bakari Mbarouk (CCM) who wanted to know plans by the government to legalize the marine operational activities which are taking place in various unauthorized ports of entries along the Indian Ocean waters. Meanwhile the government has strongly warned the general public against using unregistered marine vessels as this is dangerous for their lives in the events of the marine disasters while sailing through waters. The deputy minister Eng. Atashasta Nditiye said and asked the people to sail through by using vessels which have been registered by the newly established National marine shipping agency. The minister was responding a question earlier raised by the special seat Zainabu Vullu (CCM) who wanted to know safety of all marine vessels that operates through Nyamisati port to Mafia Island in Coast region.

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