Sunday, June 17, 2018

Council Director may be called for clarification about CCM’s manifesto

A special seat legislator Ruth Mollel (Chadema) has requested the government to explain if it is ready to remove District Executive Directors who are directly involved in political matters at their place of work with some who willfully decides to attend political party meetings. The legislator had raised a supplementary question last week in parliament and gave an example of the Director of the Ubungo Municipal Council that he is attending regular meetings organized by CCM party contrary to the public service ordinances. Responding to her question, the Minister of State responsible for Good Governance and public service George Mkuchika said that as in accordance with the section 65(1) of the public service Act, a public servant is not supposed to engage in political matters except to serve the people.  He said in accordance with the number 1 of the subsection, all public serve ants who contested for the political positions and given the opportunity to serve them and later retired and are no longer in public service, these are allowed. Concerning with the District Council Executives who are associated with political issues at the place of their work, is vivid that they might be having a political party which they love most. In the case of the issue alleged against Ubungo’s Municipal Director who attended the CCM meetings did so with a view to get information from the government and might also be called at any time to be explained about the execution of the party’s manifestos. The Minister further noted that, all Regional Commissioners and other presidential’ representatives at regional level will never do anything contrary to what the president might order them to do whatsoever. However, he noted that, whoever is not satisfied by the work performance rendered by the District Executives and Regional Commissioners, then he or she has the right to get explanations from the legal organs such as the court.

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