Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Govt directs district councils to propose schools for approval by the ministry

The government has issued a directive to district council authorities to send names of the schools which they think need to be proposed to become advanced secondary schools in their areas. The deputy minister for Local Government and Regional Administration George Kakunda said in Parliament that, the government is ready to provide the necessary infrastructures so as such schools should operate effectively and efficiently. He said the aim of the government is to ensure that all wards in the country have at least one registered advanced secondary schools to accommodate students for the advanced secondary school education in the country in lined with its program of education for all. The deputy minister was responding to the question which was raised by Sumve Constituency legislator Richard Mganga Ndasa (CCM) who wanted to know when the government will bring advanced secondary school in his constituency. 

Malima Lubeleje explaining a point to the Minister of local government Selemani Jafo when he paid a visit to his constituency in Mpwapwa.

A similar question was raised by the special seat Mariam Nassor Kisangi (CCM) who wanted to k now plans by the government in its quest to increase advanced secondary schools in every ward in the country. Responding to these questions, the deputy minister had kindly requested the district authorities to build secondary schools and select the best ones to be registered in accordance with the government’s education circular. On the issue of free education to be provided in advanced secondary schools just like from Primary schools up to ordinary level in form four, the deputy minister noted that, the government does not have enough money at the moment as it is entirely focused in creating conducive environment at lower levels. The question was earlier raised by Mpwapwa legislator Malima Lubeleje (CCM) who wanted to know when the government will extend its free education prpgramme to the advanced secondary school levels in the country.

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