Friday, June 1, 2018

Rules governs employment procedures to be followed

Tanzanians seeking for greener pastures outside the country have been urged to channel their applications through an association of employers which is under the Prime Minister’s office for their safety. The directives have been issued early this week in Parliament by the deputy minister for Foreign Affairs and East Africa Community Suzan Kolimba during question and answer session. The minister was responding to a question earlier raised by a special seat legislator Maria Kangoye (CCM)  who wanted to know steps taken by the government against Tanzanian ladies who go outside the country and employ themselves as sexual workers after having been abandoned by their employers and got stranded.

Responding to this question, the deputy minister said that, people who seek for the opportunities outside the country must channel their applications through an association (TAESA) as their application details would be kept in safety for monitoring incase of any troubles. However, the minister added that, Tanzanians who work outside the country without legal contracts and seem to have been abandoned by their employers need to report immediately to the country’s representatives for further scrutiny. However, the deputy minister has issued a directive to various countries’ representatives to put in records the statistics of the stranded Tanzanians in countries which they represent abroad in order for the government to react promptly.

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