Friday, June 1, 2018

Private schools in Tanzania now free to arrange own fees

The government has said that, it will not whatsoever intervene with the arrangement patterns of the schools fees  charged by private school owners in the country. Instead, the management of the private school owners will be responsible for the arrangements of their own fees and decide at whatever rate they would like to put in a particular academic year, and the government would monitor to see if the tax is properly paid. The call by the government  which was made clear in parliament early this week, instinctively indicates that it has dismissed its earlier plans it put in place four years ago of reviewing the school fees charged by private school owners. The government’s intention came about as a result of the long claims by parents and guardians of students who studies in those schools saying that, ‘it was too high that some of them were not able to afford’. 

The deputy minister of Education and Vocational Training William Ole Nasha said today that, it is upon parents or guardians to look at the best and more preferable  and affordable rate of school fees charged in schools which  would suit them according to their financial capability. The minister was responding to the question earlier raised by a special seat legislator Mariam Nassor Kisangi (CCM) who wanted to know plans by the government of reducing high school fees charged in private schools in the country. In responding to this, the deputy minister noted that, the government will form the educational Board which would look at the teachers and their qualification standards to see if are fit to offer quality education in the said schools. He also noted that, the Board will look at the education curriculum which it will be imposing for Tanzania students in abide to keep an up to date quality standards offered by educationalists in the country.

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