Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Minister in doubt over the misappropriation of funds at a health centre in Dar

In unprecedented move, the minister of state in President’s office responsible for local government and regional administration Selemani Jafo has aired out his dissatisfaction overt the collection of money at Sinza Palestina health centre in Dar es Salaam city.  The minister raised his concern early this week in Parliament when he was responding to the supplementary question which was raised by a special seat Suzan Lymo (CHADEMA) who wanted to know the government’s intention of not disbursing enough money for the expansion of the health centre so that it might provide quality services to the people in the areas.

Suzan Lymo 

The minister had acknowledged the fact that the centre is faced with a myriad of challenges when he recently visited it and said that, due to this it does not qualify to become a district hospital among others. He noted that, despite of receiving many patients in the city the daily collections attained per day is not directly proportional to the number of patients being treated per day at the centre. He said that the government has put in its future plans of constructing three district hospitals in Dar es Salaam region during this year’s financial year. Responding questions earlier raised by legislators like Damas Ndumbaro of Songea urban (CCM), Desdetis Mipata of Nkasi (CCM) and Abdallah Chikota Nanyamba (CCM) , the minister Jafo said that the government has plans of constructing 67 district hospitals countrywide. In connection of new staff in his ministry, he said that, the government has issued an employment permit of 6,180 new staff and has assured the legislators that, the ministry of health will also get special allocation

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