Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Minister to survey areas where communication network is low

The Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communication Atashata Nditiye has said that, his ministry intends to make a tour visit in the coming two months with a view to establish areas which have low communication network services in the country. The deputy minister was responding to the supplementary question early this week in Parliament which was raised by a special seat legislator Hadija Hassan Abood (CCM) who wanted the minister to make a tour of the visit in Iringa region in Mapanda, Ikwera, Ihano and Tazara wards whereby people in these areas have communication towers built in recent days but it is very unfortunate that there is no communication network. The legislator voiced her concern on behalf of her people and said that people living in these wards do not get communications for no any apparent reasons, so she was asking for the government’s intervention. 

Atashata Nditiye

Responding to her query, the deputy minister Nditiye promised in parliament that he would make a visit to see for himself, and this will go alongside with officials from the communication fund and see those areas which faces such difficulties and put them in this year’s budget. Responding to another question which was associated with constriction of roads, the deputy minister said that the work of connecting rural roads is entirely left for the Tanzania Rural Roads Agency (TARURA) . The question was earlier raised by Kwela legislator Ignas Malicha (CCM) who wanted top know the government’s economic plans of constructing rural roads which are indented to be connected with those regional roads in the country. The deputy minister clarified a point by saying that, rural roads are being constructed by the recently established national rural road agency, and that the ministry is coordinating. He further noted that the proposals are made from the council’s committee meetings at district level who also forward such proposals to Regional Consultative Council (RCC).

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