Sunday, June 3, 2018

Kabudi clarifies the legality of annual vacation for judges in the country

The Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Professor Palamagamba Kabudi has clarified reasons as to why all judges are forced to go on annual vacation in every December calendar month of a year saying that, it is tradition which the government has adopted from the Commonwealth judicial systems. Under the system which is adopted from the British colonial administrative procedures, indicates that all judges were sent home for the vacation as during the calendar month judgments in courts  were not allowed to be passed. 


Professor Palamagamba Kabudi

Minister Prof. Kabudi was responding to a question earlier raised by a legislator for Lupa constituency Victor Mwambalaswa (CCM) last week in parliament who wanted to know why is it that judges of the High Courts go on annual vacation in every December month of a calendar year. However,  Prof. Kabudi has assured Members of Parliament that he would negotiate with the High Court Judge so as to look at the matter on the Tanzanian context. In another development, Prof. Kabudi has said that, his ministry is planning to introduce a 10 year program in order to look at all impediments facing the judicial sector in the country, and among the strategies put in place is to improve low remunerations paid to court elders who assists court proceedings in all primary courts in the country.

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