Sunday, June 3, 2018

Govt promises compensation pay to construction victims

The government has cleared doubts to the people whose structures have been earmarked with X mark in various parts in the country and told them to continue waiting for their compensation dues once such payments are ready, the minister has said. The deputy minister fir Works, Transport and Communications Elias Kwandikwa said last week in parliament during questions and answer session that, the earmarking of X means that a road construction is to take place at the spot. The minister was responding to the supplementary question raised to him by Nchemba legislator Juma Nkamia (CCM) who wanted to know from the government after having been worried so much with his people whose structures were earmarked with X mark three years ago and no any compensation has been made to them so far. Earlier a special seat legislator Sofia Hebron Mwakagenda (CCM) directed her question to the Works minister with a view to know why there is no compensation to families who have stayed in an areas for over 50 years are not made correctly unless the victims lodge a complaint. The deputy minister noted that, wherever there are uncertainties in every project intended to be done by the government and people were not contended with the compensation made, then they have the right to lodge a claim for further evaluation of their properties.

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