Sunday, June 3, 2018

Govt ends water woes in Dar region by 75 percent

The government said last week that, it has finished the problem of water supplies facing Dar es Salaam region and all its suburbs by 75 percent, the deputy minister for Water and Irrigation Jumaa Aweso has said. Aweso was responding to the question which was earlier raised by Kawe legislator Halima Mdee (Chadema) who wanted to know the extent to which the government has solved the perennial water problems in Dar es Salaam city. Responding to this, the deputy minister noted that, currently the government continues constructing water tanks in various suburbs in the city as part of supplying water commodity to residents in the city including the Changanyikeni suburb whereby water tanks are being constructed for preservation. 

Halima Mdee 

A supplementary question was raised by the special seat Silafu Jumbe (CCM) who wanted to know from the government why it has left Kigoma region in terms of almost every economic development including clean water supply projects. Responding to this, the deputy minister noted that already the government has set aside Tshs. 23 billion to facilitate various water development projects already initiated in the region in water phase two program. Another supplementary question was raised by the legislator Devota Mathew Minja (CCM)  who wanted to know plans by the government to make use of the water sources in  Morogoro municipality with a view to increase water supply capacity in the region. Responding to this question, the deputy minister noted that, the government is looking for USD 70 million from donors in order to facilitate the move.

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