Friday, June 1, 2018

Makonda decries ownership of the controversial containers held at Dar port

The Regional Commissioner for Dar es Salaam Paul Makonda has said that, he known nothing about the alleged containers held by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) at Dar es Salaam port. Last week, the TRA announced its intention  of auctioning 20 containers which it had alleged to belong to the RC Makonda incase he would fail o pay tax imposed within 30 days as from early Monday this week. The containers which have office furniture are waiting the procedure for their delivery from TRA now for 90 days which are legally accepted according to the taxation Law. 

The Regional Commissioner for Dar es Salaam Paul Makonda

TRA’s Director of Tax Payers education Richard Kayombo said that in normal circumstances the imported goods are required to be cleared within 30 days. He added that on the expiry of the set timeframe, owners are given a 30 day notice to clear them. “According to the TRA’s announcements which was issued last Monday, the authority has issued 30 days to eight customers including the RC Makonda to clear out their luggage as they have stayed at the ;port at a retired timeframe. In line with the notice, the Commissioner of Customs and Income Tax has issued 30 days to owners of various goods which have been stored in TRA’s warehouses to go and clear them and a failure to abide by the time set will have their goods auctioned to the general public  as per in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations governing customs formalities. Kayombo noted that, once a commodity exceeds its set time and continues staying at the port, TRA takes the opportunity to remind them by giving them a notice.

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