Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Govt urged to construct an electrical fence surrounding game reserves

In a bid to control wave of elephants which have the habit of invading local communities close to the national game reserves and cause losses to properties including farm crops, the government has been advised to construct an electrical fence to surround these areas as a way to beef up security for safety.  The advice was issued by the special seat legislator Cecilia Pareso (CCM) early this week in Parliament when she was contributing a point associated with the rampant invasion of elephant in local communities which are occasionally taking place in some of the game reserve areas in the country. Earlier the Bunda legislator Boniphace Mwita Gitere (CCM) raised a question which he directed to the ministry of tourism with a view to know steps taken by the government so far to control the influx of elephants into local communities living in his constituency close to Serengeti national park. The legislator also wanted to know the fate of his people who encountered greater loses which had occurred in their communities as a result of the elephant invasion since the matter was reported to the authorities concerned. 

Responding to his question, the deputy minister for tourism and natural resources Japhet Asunga said that, the government has been compensating various loses caused by the wild animals which have the habit of invading local communities and cause havoc on their farms or kill people. He said and added that, for the sake of the people living in his constituency which is close to a famous Serengeti National park and who have experienced such bad omen, the deputy minister noted that, the government has paid compensation to the rune of Tshs. 249 million to 1,254 victims for the last two years. He also assured the legislator that, the government has issued two vehicles which will be used by game patrolling officers in his constituency in a bid to keep watch against the invading wild animals to various villages in his constituency. The deputy minister further noted that, the government has put in place strategic plans in order to make sure that it controls the invasion of wild animals and by doing this, the ministry has issued the State-of-of-the-art torches to be used which are not friendly to the notorious elephants. In addition to torches, the government has promised to provide the use of planes without pilots which would be used for surveillance from an aerial view that will enable see animals penetrating from their reserve areas and venture into local communities and easily tackle them.  

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