Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Govt promises to start making repair on damaged roads

The government has promised to start making major repairs of the damaged roads soon after the long rains that seems to have subsided heavily poured down and wreck havoc most infrastructures including roads in most parts in the country. The deputy minister of Works, Transport Communications Elias Kwandikwa said early this week in parliament during question and answer session that, the government has already set aside fund to used for such repair works. 
Amina Mollel 

The deputy minister was responding to a question earlier raised by Tunduma legislator Frank George Mwakanjika (CCM) who wanted to know how the government has prepared itself to fulfill its promises of making repairs on major roads that had been devastated by long rains. Another supplementary question was raised by the special seat legislator Amina Mollel (CCM) who wanted to know the fate of 53 people whose structures were demolished to pave the way for the construction of the road in Arusha region. Responding to this, the deputy minister noted that, about Tshs. 201.5 million has been issued to pay them and the minister has further promised to show optimism to continue paying people who will be affected with such an exercise.

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