Friday, June 8, 2018

Defense minister to end land crises between people and military camps.

The long standing crisis over land demarcations between the local communities and the military camps may remain a story after the government has shown strong commitments to solve the issue once and for all, the parliament has been informed. Speaking during the answer and question session early this week, the Minister for Defense Dr. Hussein Mwinyi said that he has put in place strategic measures on how to solve the problem in all military camps in the country . The minister was responding a supplementary question earlier raised by Morogoro urban legislator Abdulaziz Abood (CCM) who wanted to know when the army will surrender land which it had snatched from the local people within his constituency. 

Dr. Harison Mwakyembe

The minister confessed that the army is not in trouble with the people in Kauzeni ward over land disputes as all these areas were surveyed and it won’t be prudent for the army to vacate. However, he said there are many land disputes between the local communities and the army in some places in the country and that he is now ready to go alongside with land experts in these areas to solve the matter once and for all and restore peace among the troubling groups. Apart from Morogoro, the minister also noted other areas where there are same problem such as in Kyela constituency which is under the minister of Information, Sport, Culture and Arts Dr. Harison Mwakyembe. Either the minister has called upon people who might have in one way or another invaded areas earlier earmarked for the army to vacate immediately.

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