Friday, June 8, 2018

A legislator thanks for the government’s assistance offered in his constituency

A Member of Parliament for Kondoa urban Edwin Sanda (CCM) has kindly appreciated for the assistance which the government had offered in his constituency after it had provided a small Ambulance car of Maruti make to help Kondoa hospital. He said, despite of the help it doesn’t withstand the conditions while operating in rural roads which are full of potholes. In view of this, the legislator has asked the government to offer them the strongest car which could withstand the conditions of roads in his constituency which is in bad conditions. The legislator gave his thanksgiving in parliament early this week during the questions and answer sessions that the Kondoa district hospital serves many patients most of whom within the town areas, but the vehicle cannot travel in rural areas whereby the infrastructure of the road is full of potholes. “We appreciate for what the government has donated but the car is too small and cannot withstand the roadside conditions which is very bad indeed, and in view of this we kindly beg for another one”, he said. 


Former first lady Salma Kikwete

Responding to such a query the deputy minister of State in President’s office responsible for local government and regional administration (TAMISEMI) Josephat Kandege said the car was donated by order of the President and is among the several ones that had been distributed in other hospitals countrywide. However, the deputy minister thanked the legislator who showed heartfelt appreciation by hailing the president’s offer to his people. Responding to the supplementary question raised by a the nominated legislator former first lady Salma Kikwete who wanted to know when the government  would sent a car to the Chief Medical Officer of the Sokoine hospital in Lindi hospital, he said that will be done later. He said, the government is in place to put down strategic measures that would help solve the issue and if possible will buy one depending on the availability of fund. However, he noted that, all cars donated by the president do not have stringent conditions, except these are distributed in accordance with the geographical position of areas.

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