Monday, June 11, 2018

Construction of ports in major points surrounding Lake Nyasa is in place

The government has put in its strategic plans to modernize and reconstruct ports in Lake Nyasa which are in bad state for economic use in area of Bamba-bay and Liuli and many others surrounding the lake. The deputy minister for
Works, Transport and Communication Mr Atashasta Nditiye said last week in parliament today that the government has already announced the tender for the construction of these ports since early this year and no any strategic construction company that has emerged. He said that, the work will effectively start in early 2019 if plans would go well as currently they are waiting for the reports of a feasibility study that will look at how to compensate the local communities in the areas whose strictures would be demolished to pave the way before the construction work starts. The minister was responding a question which was earlier raised by Ludewa legislator Deogratius Francis Ngwali (CCM) who wanted to know from the transport ministry plans by the government to modernize ports surrounding the Lake Nyasa.

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