Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Tanzanian professor to be honoured in USA

A Tanzanian researcher on issues related with the psychiatric cases in the country Professor Slyvia Kaaya is among the six academicians and experts to be honoured with a honorary degree to be offered with US based Dartmouth University. Professor Kaaya who works at the Muhimbili University of Health and Science (MUHAS) is one of the 60 experts who deal with the psychiatric cases in the country and she is entirely concentrating in spearheading the basic procedures to be followed to benefit countries with low resources to curb the disease. A report released on Saturday last week by the old US University 

‘The Dartmouth University’ said that Prof. Kaaya joined with the university through an exchange program activities which was established way back in 2001 and managed to coordinate her activities effectively in recent years with the university so as to solve the existing psychiatric health cases . Dartmouth University is expected to release six honorary degrees of Doctor of Humana Letters to be conferred to the six selected best experts at a grand ceremony to be held later on.  The professionalism of each and every expert is based on different categories that are associated in specific areas from an entertainment up to medicine.  Among the academicians to be conferred includes the retired academician who worked with Goldman Sachs Institute, Peter Fahey, former member of the Congress and a representative of the United Nations Frank Guarini. Others are the medical Doctor Wilklams Holmes, an artist and the producer and a journalist Mindy Kaling and the Chairman of Carlyle Group David Rebenstein.

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