Monday, June 4, 2018

TTCL hands over its properties to SUMA-JKT

The Tanzania Telecommunication Cooperation Limited (TTCL) has handed over security tenders of all its buildings, properties and communication infrastructures to a consortium company owned by National Service ‘SUMA-JKT in a contract that will lapse within one year’s time with starting effectively from yesterday the 1st June 2018. A grand ceremony for the handing over and signing of legal documents was held last week at the TTCL headquarters office and was attended by senior officials of the two firms and other departmental executives. Speaking at the ceremony, TTCL’s Managing Director Waziri Kindamba said that TTCL is indeed happy to cooperate effectively with the SUMA-JKT in terms of ensuring security and safety for their properties including its buildings and communication infrastructures.  “We gave SUMA-JKT a tender of security at our headquarter office along Samora Avenue as well at our main International Data Coordination centre which is located at Kijitonyama suburb”, he said. He added that, “indeed SUMA-JKT has shown a tremendous progress after having performed its work more professionally and with high integrity and efficiency and that is why we are today giving them another tender of guarding or offices which are located countrywide”. Kindamba further noted that, TTCL cooperation which has taken over from the former telephone firm known as the TTCL Company Ltd whose major role is to speed up the pace of economic growth and to stand firm for the development of telecommunication industry in the country.  What the cooperation is doing is together with coordination activities with a view to ensure that work is produced with efficiency on telecommunication infrastructures on behalf of the government. The firm also helps to maintain national security, promoting community services and the growth of other sectors in the country. “This is the new TTCL which is committed to serve the people at a higher standard level of performance, and we shall continue maintaining our standards with high optimism of ensuring safety and peace to our customers and all our properties which are very sensitive for the country’s safety”, he said.  Speaking on behalf of the Chief Commander of the National Service, Colonel Aristides Ruta said that, “apart from the discipline character which is maintained amongst the army personnel, the company is proud of its regular intensive courses it does provide to its guards. In addition to that, he noted that his firm is equipped with the most sophisticated security equipment which helps them accomplish their duties effectively and more efficiently. “We highly appreciate for the cordial belief which the TTCL cooperation had given to us and in response, we promise to work for them diligently so as to achieve our targeted goals.

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