Sunday, June 10, 2018

Tanzania hails Italy and EU in the fight against illicit drug use

Tanzania has hailed the government of Italy and other countries which are in European Union (EU) for joint cooperation efforts which they have shown in the fight against drug abuse and use of illicit drugs in their respective countries. The congratulations on behalf of Tanzania government have been issued by the Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office responsible for policy, parliament youths and employment Jenista Mhagama at the official opening of the office to be used by the member countries for the fight against drug trafficking and many related issues of drug abuse (EU-ACT) in Dar es Salaam. 

The occasion took place on Friday last week and was held at the office of the Italian Embassy which is in the city of Dar es Salaam. At the occasion which was attended by the Italian Ambassador accredited in the country Ambassador Roberto Mengoni, Mhagama said that, the opening of the office is one step forward for the Italian government’s contribution towards supporting Tanzania’s efforts over the fight against illicit drug trafficking which is an illegal trade deal known disliked by all nations at a global level. “As it is known part of Tanzania’s geographical area is faced with lots of challenges in the fight over illicit drug business as the country is used as the main gateway along the eastern coast of Africa whereby illicit drugs of different kinds are passed and entered illegally through our national sea border on their way to and from South Asia to Europe and other parts in the world”, she said. 


The Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office Jenista Mhagama reading her statement during the launch of the anti-drug office in Dar es Salaam yesterday. A short grand ceremony was held at Italy Embassy office and was also attended by Italian Ambassador in the country Roberto Mengoni and the DCEA’s Commissioner Rogers Sianga.

“The use of illicit drug is a cross cutting issue which is escalating at a high rate and has become a great threat to people’s health and in other forms of human life such as in political, socially, environmentally and economically”, Mhagama said. However, the Minister also noted that Tanzania has made a tremendous development step in the fight over this problem following the formation of effective measures in line with the review of the Anti-drug Act of the year 2015 which resulted into the establishment of the Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA).

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