Monday, June 4, 2018

Tanzania and India signs a contract on water projects

The Minister of Water and Irrigation Eng. Isack Kamwelwe has assured Members of Parliament that, the water projects currently going on in their constituencies will be accomplished as the government has signed a contract with Indian government whereby the latter will give a grant to complete water projects. The minister Eng. Kamwelwe gave the assurance last week in parliament during question and answer session whereby the majority of members had directed their queries of water woes facing people in their various constituencies with some said such projects had been stacked and therefore demanded for the government’s clarifications. He said that, already the Indian government has already sent its water experts to undertake various feasibility studies in 15 regions in the country where water projects have been allocated and assured them that, all these will be accomplished by December 2018. In line with the signing of this contract deal, Minister Eng. Kamwelwe said that, the government will also continue setting aside money to accomplish the impending water projects in various allocated places. The Minister was responding to a question earlier raised by a legislator Ignas Aloyce Malocha (CCM) who wanted to know how much has the government set for the development of water projects in his constituency. The same question was raised by a legislator Azza Hilal Hamad (CCM) after having been perplexed to see that the government does not fulfill the promise it made of constructing a water project at Tinde Township in Shinyanga which is within her constituency since 2010. Responding to this, the Water Minister has promised her to finish the project on time, the minister also noted that out of 1,810 water projects in the country, about 1,608 have been finished and the remaining about 200 will be done by end of this year.

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