Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Magufuli’s promises to be fulfilled as planned, says the minister

The government has reiterated its commitment to fulfill President Dr. John Magufuli’s promises of constructing roads which he made in various places in the country during the presidential election campaigns in 2015. The deputy minister for works, transport and communications Elias Kwandikwa said in parliament early this week during question and answer session when he was responding to the question which was raised by Karagwe legislator Innocent Bachungwa (CCM). The legislator wanted to know why the government is not fulfilling promises the president made to his people of constructing roads at a tarmac level in various places including a 12 kilometer road stretch in his constituency. 

Mr. Elias Kwandikwa 

Either he noted that, the government has set aside a certain sum of money in its budget during 2018/19 financial year that will be used in repairing roads which have been damaged by rains in the country. Either he also noted that, the government will continue paying compensations to the people whose structure have been earmarked to pave the way for the construction of new roads in the country. Supplementary questions were raised by two special seats legislators Leah Jeremiah Komanya (CCM) and Amina Mollel (CCM) who wanted to know how the government is keen to complete the past promises by the government of constructing roads in various places in the country.

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