Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Illegal immigrants to face harsh laws in the country

The government has apprehended about 13,393 illegal immigrants in the country as from July 2016 up to March 2018, the deputy minister for Home Affairs Hamad Masauni has said. Masauni told the parliament early this week during question and answer session when he was responding a question earlier directed to home affairs ministry by a special seat Shomari Hamisi who wanted to know how many illegal immigrants who have been apprehended in the country. In response, Masauni noted that, out of the said number, about 6,315 had been taken t court and fined for their illegal stay in the country, 2,393 cases are still in court whereas others had been extradited. 

Mr. Hamad Masauni 

The minister also noted that, the government has issued a strong warning to those employers who have a tendency of hiding foreign workers without exposing their work permits to the officials concerned in order to know their legal stay in the country, as doing so is a criminal offense. In responding a supplementary question directed to him as related with citizenship status of children who are born in the country by foreigners, the deputy minister noted that, as per the laws governing the country, these are truly Tanzanians unless otherwise if such children would regret them elves upon reaching the age of 18 years. 

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