Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Controversial land title deeds to be revoked to end chaos


The government has promised to revoke land title deed as a move to end the long standing land crisis in Lindi Municipality which has been denying the local people of the area to make their own economic development. The deputy minister of State in President’s Office responsible for local government and regional administration (TAMISEMI) Josephat Kandege said early this week in Parliament that, the move by the government aims at giving the right of ownership to the local people. 

Mr. Josephat Kandege

The deputy minister was responding to the question earlier raised by Lindi urban legislator Hassan Kawinje (CCM) who wanted to know steps taken so far by the government in order to end the long standing land crisis in Lindi municipal council. He said that, the government has put down strategic measures and will not hesitate to take legal actions in order to end all land crises in various places in the country. By doing this, the government through district authorities has determined to follow the right channels of the laid down rules and regulations so as to discourage aggressors who brings chaos in local communities.

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