Monday, June 4, 2018

Construction of female dormitories in secondary schools to continue

The government has made it clear that, it will continue constructing female dormitories in various public secondary schools in a bid to provide more accommodation spaces for female students in the country. The deputy minister for Education and Vocational Training William Ole Nasha said last week in parliament that the essence of doing this is to avoid attractions most female students come into contact with while spending more time outside the school compound and as a result ended up being impregnated. 

William Ole Nasha

The minister was responding to a question earlier raised by a special seat legislator Falme Hassan Theofik who wanted to know steps taken so far by the government to prevent pregnancies caused by Bodaboda riders to female students in various places in the country. However, the deputy minister clarified that, his ministry does not have correct statistics which proves the number of bodaboda riders who are directly responsible for impregnating female students in the country.

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