Monday, May 14, 2018

Water ministry in Tanzania to benefit from Indian loan

Tanzania government is expected to sign a loan whereby the Indian government will help revamp the stagnated water irrigation development scheme projects currently under construction in various parts in the country. The Minister for Water and Irrigation Hon.Eng. Isack Kamwelwe said in parliament today when responding to various questions directed to his ministry by legislators. The majority of the legislators raised some queries as they wanted to know the updates of the development of water schemes to be used for irrigation which are located in their respective constituencies. The Minister said that at the moment the government through national water commission has no enough money to accomplish on time such projects most of which are located in rural areas. He said that, once the signing pact is in place between the two countries, the execution of such projects will take place at a quick pace after the money is attained from India. The Minister was responding a supplementary question raised by a special seat legislator Hon. Devota Minja who wanted to know to what extent has the government’s water irrigation projects in rural areas helped facilitate water irrigation schemes in various allocated areas in the country.

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